Day Pass: Find out before you drive on toll roads and highways

Fans visiting the metropolitan area in private vehicles must purchase a Day Pass to travel on the capital’s highway concessions, in the case of not having a TAG device.


If you live abroad or outside of Santiago and intend on visiting the Metropolitan Region in your own car, you must purchase a Day Pass to travel on the urban highways.

The Pase Diario Único Interoperable (PDUI) (Single daily pass) was developed as a supplementary payment form for single-day use of public road works granted under concession (instead of using a Televía, or TAG).

The conditions governing the Day Pass are listed on the websites, commercial offices and through the call center of all urban highways.

Day passes can be purchased in two forms, depending on the purchase date.

  • Pre-Pay Day Pass: it can be acquired 30 days prior to driving on the highways and up to two days after driving.
  • Post-Pay Day Pass: it can be acquired from the third day after driving up to twenty days after.

Regardless of the form acquired, the Day Pass allows the infrequent user to travel on urban highways with the electronic payment system without being considered an offender to Section 114 of the Traffic Act.

Users can purchase up to 15 daily passes per license plate from January 1 to December 31 of the same year.

The Day Pass includes 24 hours of use and can be used for all urban highways with electronic free flow pricing, so there is no need to buy a day pass for each highway.

When a vehicle drives on highway concessions without an enabled collection method such as the Televía or Day Pass, it infringes Section 114 of the Traffic Act. Along with applying the charges for using the highway, an offense is recorded in the respective Local Police Court, for which a fine must be paid.

Where to buy the daily passes?

How much does a daily pass cost?

  • The cost of Pre-Pay Day Pass for cars is $5,800 Chilean pesos (about US $10).
  • The cost of Post-Pay Day Pass for cars is $9,000 Chilean pesos (about US $15).

What happens in other regions?

Intercity highway toll systems have manual payment (face-to-face) in the cities where the tournament takes place (Antofagasta, La Serena, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Santiago, Rancagua, Concepción and Temuco).

To plan your trip and associated costs, visit the website Coordinación de Concesiones de Obras Públicas (Coordination of Concessions of Public Works), in the section “Peajes y pórticos” (Tolls and gateways).

More information

More information on tolls in interurban highways between host cities:

Source: Coordinación de Concesiones (Coordination of Concessions)