Find out what items are permitted and prohibited items at stadiums

To ensure your welfare and that of others and to enjoy the soccer events, know what you can take to the games to cheer for your team. These fall under the regulation Safety in Stadiums (Law 19.237).


You can enter the stadiums with

  • Flags and banners no bigger than 1 x 1.2 meters without offensive messages that may incite violence.
  • Fun party elements that will not cause any risk to others.
  • Inflatable gadgets or balloons that will not hinder the view of spectators.
  • In case of rain, fans are allowed to enter with umbrellas for shelter.

In the case of misuse, economic sanctions and prohibition to reenter the stadiums will apply.

You cannot take the following items into the stadium

  • Weapons or any sharp item.
  • Fireworks or flares.
  • Flammable or corrosive products.
  • Rocks, sticks, flagpoles made of hard material, rigid packaging or any element that can be used as a projectile.
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Animals.
  • Laser pointers.
  • Rolls of paper or confetti.
  • Bass drums or musical instruments that would hinder emergency exits in a possible emergency.
  • Items such as fireworks, musical instruments, drums, inflatable sleeves, among others, may be part of the event if managed by the show organizers with the appropriate security measures.

Source: Estadio Seguro (Safe Stadium)

Tobacco consumption

  • In Chile, no smoking is allowed in the galleries or any other public locations intended for sporting events, both in gymnasiums and stadiums.
  • This prohibition extends from the locations mentioned to the field except in authorized places especially assigned for smoking, which some venues may have.

Source: Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health)